Højbro Pavilion

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2018

A stage, a stair, a platform, a sculpture, a roof or a shelter arises as a performance of space. A stage and gesture of discussion, provocatively rough, as an vital element of the commons. People fade, then they stick out. They become both, the audience and the actor, greatly diverse but highly aware of each other. Visible for everyone. A place of convenience, within the realm of control and desire for everyone.
The Højbro Pavilion is build, using very simple materials. It´s a light weighted column structure with its main focus set on a thin corrugated steal plate, which acts as a stair and a roof. A visible wire-counterweight structure offers hereby a multiple flexibility in moving the plate along the columns.  The material is a matter of means, defined through mass production, playing with the humans’ relation to dimensions. Willingly bemusing by taking it out of its habitual context. Neither enclosed nor obtrusive the Pavilion is said to embody the visual link between the city an the water. A place to stop and take in what’s to be found, giving something with no program nor set necessity, the power to redefine hierarchies of spaces.