Scagliola - painted realities ...
Studio Holtrop, ETH Zurich, 2020
In Collaboration with Paula-Marie Bugla

... is questing what materials we commemorate and value most today. It is an illusion of what we know as mass and surface. The proposal intends to question the glorification of pureness in architecture and the preservation of craftsmanship. The Pavilion is a space open to experience.

A space to remind of the past and to stimulate its reinvention. A threedimensional memory is created.

The ancient Italian craft of scagliola is used to creat a variety of ever changing claddings according to light, volume and depiction. Three atmospheres are combined in one image, evoking perceptions of time, progress and power. Movement in form and depiction, sensuality of the presence and spirituality of the past guide the direction.

What was once called the ‚poor mans marble‘ and is made out of very reasonable ingredients, flourishes through its reinvented craftsmanship and creates a space open for exploration and interpretation. The material of the imitation becomes independant and the materiality of the imitated vanishes to become a simple stimulation.

An accessible depiction emerges. As in an internal dance, sometimes the image dictates the space and sometimes the space conquers the image.