Slices I
KET, University of the Arts Berlin, 2017

The Teufelsberg on the outskirts of Berlin has a moving history. Build up as a debris mountain, the Americans build a Flight monitoring station on top  in the 1950s. Today, the Teufelsberg and the abandoned remains of the station is a tourist attraction and a popular natural attraction.  
In order to provide a unique outlook on the terrain without being intrusive, a look-out tower has been planned, which is integrated into nature and, with its light appearance, still attracts attention.
One hundred four-by four meter large steel plates form simultaneously the outer shape of the tower, as well as the staircase inside. By cutting out the slabs, a spiral staircase is created and the tower is reduced to only one element. The height of the steps hereby defines the distance between the individual plates. The slots between the plates offer an constantly changing yet constricted view on the way up and increase the tension of the prospect until reaching the Platform.
While the tower has a massive effect on the observer from certain angles, it loses his massiveness in the distance and disolves into a translucent appearance. Almost hovering, the tower stands over the landscape. This play between lightness and massiveness is to represent the moving history of the area and the Teufelsberg.