University of the Arts Berlin
In Collaboration with Lorenz Sedlmayr
3rd Prize AKG - Promotional award `Smart City`

The increasing life expectancy of the European population and the general population growth within our cities demands greater health and medical care.  

Health impairment leads to uncertainty and vulnerability. Personal needs and the perception of space and time intensify in cases of emergency. Whether we feel comfortable in our surroundings can have a decisive influence on our physical and mental wellbeing. If the body as the biological shell no longer offers the adequate health protection which our vulnerable organs need, architecture must take on some of these responsibilities.

But how can architecture spatially combine the programmatic requirements of the outpatient first aid together with the well-being and advisory needs of the cities patients?

This project aims to combine primary care for people with outpatient injuries and a center for medical education and advice.
Thus a new building typology has to be developed. A clearly visible and easily accessible building for health that creates the possibility of quick and easy cross-language contact with medical professionals for everyone regardless of insurance and origin.