to rest
Studio Sobejano, University of the Arts Berlin
In Collaboration with Lorenz Sedlmayr

Wide lands and long stretching fields of vegetation form the cliff scenery of a fictive Scandinavian plateau. At 25 meters above sea level, the building plot in the midst of natural surroundings offers a spectacular distant view.
Analogous to Le Corbusier‘s question of necessities and space in Le petit Cabanon, a small modern hut for two people is to be designed.
„Klippa uppehålls“ - the design is a modern cabin with clear reduced lines, plenty of light and cozy atmosphere.
Through harmoniously running terrain, the low roof and the concrete facade, the residence seems to transit from underneath the earth, to the surface. By lowering the living area by one meter, an increase in the ceiling height offers quality living space, provides shade and nevertheless retains a low roof height. Vertical gradations of the concrete walls indicate extra thin walls and impart the openings an intriguing dynamism. The glazing of the front directs the light frame-like into the living space and promotes communication between interior and exterior spaces.